Fun With Fitness

Fun With Fitness

Parachute Play, the Hokey Pokey, yoga, dancing and relay races…what could be better ways for children to stay fit? Fun With Fitness, our health and fitness program was created to do just that. The children have fun and are challenged with different physical activities every day while learning about their bodies, nutrition, and healthy food choices.

Creating a healthy lifestyle in a hectic and hurried world has become a priority for today’s families. We want to partner with you in that endeavor with Fun With Fitness, a daily educational program that is both fun and stimulating for children. In addition to daily physical activities like those noted above, children will try healthy, new recipes that they prepare themselves in the classroom. Children will also learn about the food pyramid, eating a balanced diet, making good food choices and the importance of drinking water and milk.

Our Fun With Fitness curriculum is utilized throughout all of our classrooms. It is introduced in the infant room and continues throughout the Toddler and Preschool programs through the implementation of age-appropriate physical activities. The entire family is included in the fun and learning, too! Each week, healthy recipes and suggested activities are sent home for the family to be involved in together.

Every two weeks the children will have a new themed session to explore different physical activities. These sessions include:

  • Fitness for Fun Boot Camp
  • Dynamite Dances
  • Relay Fun
  • Yoga Mania
  • Super Ball Fun
  • Parachute

We want children to appreciate the fun that comes with fitness while we educate their minds to make healthy choices. By starting exercise and health education at a young age we are instilling a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.