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My son was at Pierce for preschool. When he went to kinder, his teachers at his new school were impressed with his ability to reason and describe him as a critical thinker. He was able to identify all his numbers, and count by 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s before even starting at his elementary school. He was also ahead in reading. He was previously at a local daycare where he learned nothing-I found out the other daycare had a tv in the back to “entertain” children. Pierce was a breath of fresh air. My son is looking forward to returning for the summer. He loves to ask questions and throughout the time he was at Pierce, he continuously told me how much he learned and wanted to return to continue on the same path. My then 4th grade daughter was only there for the summer and she learned a lot about different countries and culture and she too was looking forward to returning for the summer.

Laura 5 stars - Excellent

Dear Pierce Private Day School,

We came to Pierce with our first child looking for basic day care along with a Christian background that was offered.

Knowing that Kindergarten was available at the public elementary school we thought Pierce would be temporary. After a short time, the family appeal, the hugs the teachers gave our child, the all around awesome staff and the fact that our child was learning at an accelerated pace, we decided to keep him at Pierce Private Day School full term. That would be first grade.

The day he started second grade in the public school system we knew he would be prepared and he was! Although he has settled into his new surroundings, he deeply misses his old school and prays for his teachers often.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring him back to read to his younger brother pre-k class and visit with the people that nurtured, loved and hugged him through first grade.  We feel he will always share something in common with the people we have grown to know, even after our second son has completed first grade at Pierce.

Thank you and God Bless everyone at Pierce Private Day School.

The Gast Family

Pierce Private Day School,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for accepting my son Branden into your program. As a former student of Pierce Private Day School myself, I was very excited at the opportunity for my son to have the same wonderful learning experience as I did as one of the after school kids.

I am amazed every day at the things that he is learning. He is so excited to tell me his bible verses and the sound of the letter that he is learning that week. I have also seen a change in his behavior.  He is learning to play with children in a much calmer way and he is learning to share. That is a big step for a 3-year-old. I attribute these things to the wonderful teachers that he has and the whole atmosphere at Pierce.

As a single parent, I am glad to know that he has a ‘stable’ atmosphere to go to every day. I think it says a lot for your school that after all these years there are still so many of the same faces as I remember when I was a student.

Thank you again for all your hard work and for the wonderful staff that you have.


Misty T.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I just wanted to write a quick note to express my satisfaction with the Pierce Private Day School. My son has been active at the school for 5 years, starting with Pre-K classes through 1st grade. He is now in public school but I continue to enroll him in the summer program at Pierce.

The school instills good values in the children and teaches them about God. It provides a nurturing environment where they can learn, build friendships and have fun at the same time. Pierce provides a wonderful Christian foundation while covering the academic needs of the children. Pierce taught my son to read and write well and to be prepared for the Coppell school district.

My daughter recently became old enough to enroll in the Pre-K and now Kindergarten classes at Pierce. She is also enjoying her experience and is doing very well in the environment. Pierce is a place where I can feel secure that my child is cared for and is advancing spiritually and academically, which is not a common combination.

The staff at Pierce is and always has been superb. I feel I can trust any of the staff members with my children, and that does not come easy to me. It is an amazing thing to see what the school can do and how it has transformed my children. The annual plays put on by the children bring me to tears every year, a testament to the knowledge and enrichment that the children receive.

I have recommended Pierce to many people and will continue to do so. As parents, we are satisfied with our results at Pierce and our children wholeheartedly agree. Keep up the good work.


David K.

I am so grateful for the opportunity you have provided for the monthly Parent Night. As busy parents it’s all too often that we focus all of our energies into our children and other vital responsibilities (which is how it should be) but sometimes we don’t take time out to invest in our partners, which is equally as important.

One of my personal goals this year was to make a monthly date night with my husband and I was happily surprised to learn about Parent’s Night Out. We have very few family members in the area who can watch our precious little one, so this is a gift we can look forward to each month. It gives us a time to reconnect and enjoy quality one-on-one time while having the peace of mind that our son is in great hands, in a place that he loves. That means more to us than you know. The price is extremely reasonable and includes dinner and activities. We know our child is safe and happy and we also have the chance to enjoy a night out on the town. And, when parents are happy, our kids are happy too. It’s a win-win situation.

I truly encourage other parents to take advantage of the opportunity and to share this monthly event with friends and family. It would be great to continue this wonderful event and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this event possible. We appreciate your efforts!


Olivia, Andy and Alejandro

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to write and take an opportunity to recognize the exceptional work and dedication of the teachers and staff at Pearce Private Day School. My son has attended Pearce for over a year now, and I cannot emphasize how impressed I am with the professionalism of the staff and their willingness to go above and beyond every single day.

Furthermore, I know that my son is challenged academically while still learning about God. In fact, my son comes home singmg songs about Jesus and will recite Bible verses learned during class! He has become such a well-rounded student.

I want to specifically mention Mrs. Cirila and Mrs. Angela for their utmost dedication and love for the students. I can honestly say that Mrs. Cirila is the best teacher my son has ever had; she is such a loving, kind, sincere and Godly role model for the children. Mrs. Cirila is truly a valuable asset to Pearce. She is so diligent in her preparation and teaching, and the students dearly benefit from her effort.

Furthermore, Mrs. Angela has done such a wonderful job of providing a welcoming and exciting environment for all the children and staff. Every day she has a smile, and she has demonstrated on more than one occasion her love for the children and families at Pearce. She says that everyone in Pearce is like one big “family” and this is very evident. She is such a compassionate, Godly leader, and she is doing a wonderful job of managing the school. I wish I could mention all the names of the teachers and the staff, even Mrs. Lupe in the kitchen- they are ALL so kind and professional.

Ultimately, I am extremely impressed with Pearce overall-academics, curriculum, specials, contests, savings club-and many other aspects. When I drop my son off each morning, I know that he is in great hands. I would highly recommend Pearce to any parents looking for a nurturing environment that challenges students on many levels.


Ashley K.

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